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Our company is the distributor of rapid tests for in vitro diagnostics for detection of dangerous infections (HIV, HBV, HCV, syphilis, rota- and adenovirus), cardiac and tumor markers, DOA tests, as well as blood typing and Rh factor, pregnancy, ovulation, etc. We are demanding in the question of quality and only cooperate with the leader manufacturers in this industry - InTec Products Inc, Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise Co., Ltd, Xiamen Boson Biotech Co., Ltd, Eldon Biologicals A/S - whose products сomply with WHO requirements. After all, the issue of quality in the medical field is essential.
Our company takes an active part in the procedures of public and commercial procurements (ProZorro and Prom.ua), which results in successful fulfilling the terms of contracts and provides prompt delivery of products. We maintain constant assortment in stock and quickly respond to customer inquiries.
We are well known by the medical institutions due to the years of cooperation, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner. Our clients are healthcare facilities in different directions and levels: private clinics and laboratories, public regional and children's hospitals, blood transfusion stations, AIDS and prevention centers, sanitary-epidemiological stations, STI clinics, maternity hospitals, research laboratories, and forensic laboratories. Among our clients there are the All-Ukrainian Network of PLHIV, International Charitable Foundation "Public Health Alliance" and other international charities. We are proud to work with all our customers and incredibly grateful for their confidence.


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InTec is a world leader in infectious disease diagnostics with a focus on screening at the point of care. In 2017, we delivered over 400 million tests to healthcare professionals around the world, and we strive for continual improvement through partnerships with health authorities and experts in the management of infectious diseases. It is our vision that through close cooperation with these global stakeholders, InTec will continue to be a key contributor to reaching the goals of hepatitis elimination, HIV 90-90-90, and other ambitious targets set by the foremost authorities in public health.

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Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy is one of the leading manufacturers of infectious disease diagnostics and a global leader in Hepatitis E diagnostics. Founded in 1991, Beijing Wantai has grown from a small laboratory to one of the biggest and most influential Chinese manufacturers of in vitro diagnostic tests and is leading the way in blood transfusion and infectious immunology. As Asia-Pacific’s largest HIV diagnostic reagent production base we have dominated the reagent market for the past 15 years; our Hepatitis C and Syphilis detection reagents have been top products in the market for several years.

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Xiamen Boson Biotech Co.,Ltd., as a specialist of in vitro diagnostic kits field, we develop and manufacture high-quality point of care and other immunoassay kits for worldwide market. Our 5,000 square meter facility is operated strictly under ISO 13485:2008 and GMP guidelines. We combine the technological, material and labor resources of China and US to develop, manufacture and supply high quality in vitro diagnostic products efficiently and cost effectively. Currently, we are offering product lines of rapid tests, CLIA, ELISA and raw materials. These product lines provide the immunoassays in various formats to detect cardiac markers, drugs of abuse, fertility hormones, infectious diseases, tumor markers and animal diseases. Many of our products have been approved by Chinese SFDA.

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ELDON BIOLOGICALS A/S is a Danish manufacturer of dry format cards for blood grouping. Based on an invention by the Danish physician Knud Eldon, EldonCards have been manufactured and used for more than 40 years. Over time millions of cards have been utilised to establish individuals’ blood group within the AB0-Rhesus (D) systems and to ensure compatibility of patient/donor blood. Today EldonCards are based on the use of special formulations of selected monoclonal antibodies.

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